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Aguilar, Alfred

Aguilar, Ignacio : Helen H. Roberts spent the summers of 1929 and 1930 collecting songs in three Rio Grande day pueblos by the second season had made considerable progress in cementing real relationships with a number o...

Aguilar, Joe

Aguilar, Rosalie : Rosalie Simbola Aguilar was from the pueblo of Picurus, while Joe was from the pueblo of San Ildefonso. Joe was the son of Susana Martinez Aguilar (c. 1876-1949) and Ignacio Aguilar (c. 1872-1945). Ro...

Aguilar, Susana

Aguilar, Vincent

Archuleta, Fidel Onquan Peen : San Juan Pueblo

Atencio, Benjamin

Atencio, Gilbert : Gilbert Atencio (Wah Peen) was born in 1930 in Greeley, Colorado and died in April of 1995. He was the son of Isabel M. Montoya and the nephew of Maria Martinez. He was educated at San Ildefonso Day S...

Atencio, Pat

Atencio, Tony

Baca, Angela : Angela, who was born in 1927 and has been potting since 1955, has undoubtedly one of the longest still active potting careers in Santa Clara Pueblo. She is the daughter of Severa Tafoya, one of the be...

Brown, Rose : Rose Brown, the only San Ildefonso potter who makes storytellers.

Calabaza, Blue Corn Crucita : Born around 1920 in San Ildefonso, Blue Corn became famous for reviving San Ildefonso polychrome wares and had a very long and productive career. Her grandmother first introduced her to pottery ma...

Calabaza, Joseph : Indian name: Tah' Mo-Tay

Calabaza-Jenkins, Seashell Flower Diane

Cata, Clarice I.

Cata, Nicholas

Cata Fender, Apple Leaf Martha : Born November 3, 1950, Martha Appleleaf is the daughter of Carmelita Dunlap (who was a niece of the famous Maria Martinez). She continues to do both black on black and the red pottery as well as p...

Chaparro, Raul

Chaparro, Sandra : Sandra Chaparro has a very unique ancestral tree. She is the granddaughter of Desideria Montoya who was the sister of Maria Martinez. And she's also the granddaughter of Isabel Montoya who was a cou...

Cruz, Johnny : Johnny, a Tewa Native American Indian from San Ildefonso Pueblo, come from a family of traditional pottery makers. His Great-Grandparents were none other then - Julian and Maria Martinez. Johnny is ca...

Cruz, Viola Sunset

Da, Popovi : Popovi Da was born April 10, 1923 at San Ildefonso Pueblo. Born Antonio Martinez he legally changed his name to his Indian name in 1948 to Popovi Da, which means Red Fox. He was the son of the famous ...

Da, Tony

Domingo Pena, Antonio

Dunlap, Carlos

Dunlap, Carmelita : Carmelita Dunlap was the niece of Maria Martinez, who is considered the institution of San Ildefonso pottery. Carmelita was born in 1925 and learned pottery making by watching her aunts Maria and Desi...

Dunlap, Jeannie : Jeannie Mountain Flower Dunlap is the daughter of Carmelita Dunlap. Mountain Flower was born in 1953 and started potting in 1975. She has exhibited every year at the Santa Fe Indian Market since 198...

Dunlap, Linda

Dunlap jr., Sunrise Carlos

Dunlap Watts, Cynthia

Fender, Erik :

Erik Fender, Than Tsidih (Sun Bird) is from San Ildefonso Pueblo (b. 1970). At the age of 10, Eric began potting with his mother Martha Appleteaf and grandmother Carmelita Dunlap. An accomplishe...

Garcia, Myra

Gonzales, Barbara : Barbara Gonzales was born in 1947 and is the oldest great-granddaughter of Maria Martinez. Maria gave Barbara the Indian name Tahn Moo Whe which translates to Sunbeam. Barbara worked alongside Maria a...

Gonzales, Cavan : As the great-great-great grandson of Maria Martinez, Cavan seems to bring a new voice to his illustrious families pottery tradition.

Gonzales, John : John's website: San Ildefonso (505-455-2476.)

John Gonzales was born at San Ildefonso Pueblo in 1955. When h...

Gonzales, Juan

Gonzales, Juanita : Juanita was originally from Taos Pueblo. She met Louis “Wo-Peen” Gonzales of San Ildefonso Pueblo and married him in 1933. She moved to San Ildefonso at that time. She learned pottery making from Rose...

Gonzales, Larencita : Larencita Gonzales Torres

Daughter of Lorenzo Gonzales and Delores Naquayoma

Gonzales, Lorenzo

Gonzales, Ramona : Ramona Sanchez Gonzales Step Mother of Wo Peen, mother-in-law of Rose Gonzales & Juanita, died in 1934.

Gonzales, Ramoncita : Ramoncita participated in the 1915 Panama-California Exposition with Maria and Julian Martinez. They all were hired to make large pots to server as chimneys for the Pueblo-style building being constru...

Gonzales, Rayita : Lesser known sister of Louis "Wo-Peen" Gonzales. However, her work was very good.

Gonzales, Robert

Gonzales, Rose : Rose Cata Gonzales was born in San Juan Pueblo around the turn of the century. When she was very young her parents died during a swine flu epidemic. She and her sister Pomasen were left orphans and li...

Gutierrez, Ann F.

Gutierrez, Faustina : Santa Clara Pueblo

Usually signed: "Faustina Sta Cla"

Grandmother of Eugene Gutierrez

Gutierrez, Frank A.

Gutierrez, Frankie V.

Gutierrez, George M.

Gutierrez, Geraldine I.

Gutierrez, Helen : The late, well-known potter, Helen Gutierrez was from San Ildefonso Pueblo and married into the Santa Clara Pueblo. After her marriage, Helen continued to pot in the traditional San Ildefonso style an...

Gutierrez, James

Gutierrez, Margaret Lou : Born in 1934, Ms. Gutierrez is the daughter of famous husband & wife pottery team, Tonita and Juan Roybal. Her mother passed away when Margaret was only ten. Margaret Lou moved to Santa Clara Pueblo i...

Gutierrez, Rose M.

Gutierrez-Naranjo, Carol : Carol Gutierrez-Naranjo is one of the daughters of the late well known potter Helen Gutierrez.

Helen was from San Ildefonso Pueblo and married into Santa Clara Pueblo. Consequently her daughters...

Gutierrez-Naranjo, Kathy : Kathy Gutierrez is one of the daughters of the late well known potter Helen Gutierrez.

Helen was from San Ildefonso Pueblo and married into Santa Clara Pueblo. Consequently her daughters are hal...

Kalabaza, Kreig

Lovato, Rose

Maestas, Vitalia

Martinez, Adam : Santana and Adam Martinez both came from famous San Ildefonso pottery families. Adam was the oldest son of Maria and Julian Martinez and learned to make pottery from his parents. Santana Roybal Martin...

Martinez, Adelaido

Martinez, Adelphia

Martinez, Alfred

Martinez, Anita

Martinez, Anselmo

Martinez, Beverly : The daughter of Sunset Cruz, signed "Beverly"

Was in the 1974 exhibit: "Seven Families in Pueblo Pottery" - Maxwall museum.

Martinez, Candace : Candace Martinez (San Ildefonso) is a lifelong resident of San Ildefonso Pueblo (Powogeh Owingeh – Where the Water Cuts Through). She is born into a legacy of her Gonzales-Tse Pé family of potters and...

Martinez, Clara : Clara Martinez's work has often been confused with Clara Montoya, a sister of Maria Martinez. The two signatures below are quite different from each other and have caused much confusion in the identi...

Martinez, Cornelia

Martinez, Crescencio

Martinez, Darryl

Martinez, Pino Dominguita

Martinez, Elias

Martinez, Nora Francis

Martinez, George

Martinez, Road Runner Gerald : Made pottery when he was a teenager - around 1970 to 1975. Signed "Road Runner" sometimes with a bird image.

Martinez, John

Martinez, Joe Jose

Martinez, Josefita : Here is a certificate about her...

Nickname: Josie

Santa Domingo Pueblo

Martinez, Julian

Martinez, Lucy : Signed pots: "Lucy" and "Lucy and Richard" Lucy Martinez and her husband Richard Martinez (d) worked together - Richard typically did the painting.

They were good friends of Maria and...

Martinez, Luis

Martinez, Vigil Lupita : Lupita Vigil Martinez married Anselmo Martinez. Anselmo was the grandson of Luisita Pena Martinez and Santiago Martinez. The lineage is as follows:

The children of Luisita Pena Martinez and Sa...

Martinez, Poveka Maria : It's amazing when you think of all the things that Maria Martinez accomplished in her life and thereafter. In the late 1800s and early 20th century the world was changing the railroads were becomi...

Martinez, Marvin

Martinez, Anna Maximiliana : Anna Montoya was the sister of Maria Martinez. Anna would work in concert with her husband, Crescencio Martinez. Writing of this artist's work, Jonathan Batkin of the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe st...

Martinez, Miguel

Martinez, Pasqual

Martinez, Pauline

Martinez, Pauline Tafoya : Pauline Martinez was born in 1950 on the Santa Clara pueblo. She married George Martinez, son of Santana and Adam Martinez, in 1970 and has been actively potting since that time. She learned pottery f...

Martinez, Petronella : Signed "Pat a Martinez"

the "a" is for Abeyta - here married name.

Collaborated frequently with her mother Isabel and daughter Philopita. According to Elvis Torres, Philopita did th...

Martinez, Terasita :
Terasita was a wonderful potter, helping her mother Isabel Pena in her early years. She married Juan Jose Montoya on 11/20/1933. They have three children, one how died three days after being...

Martinez, Timothy

Martinez Roybal, Tonita : Tonita (1892-1945) was the daughter of fellow potter Dominguita Pino Martinez & the Navajo painter Santiago Martinez, and was the mother of potter Margaret Lou Roybal. She worked ...

Maxey, Gloria

Montoya, Alfredo : One of the original painters at San Ildefonso who’s life was cut short in 1913.

Montoya, Anita

Montoya, Clara : One of the things I find very amazing is given the incredible history at San Ildefonso, the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of pots that were made by Maria Martinez with help from he...

Montoya, Desideria

Montoya, Isabel : Relatively unknown, Isabel Montoya played an important role in the development of San Ildefonso pottery. Isabel was the cousin of Maria Martinez and worked closely ...

Montoya, Juan Cruz

Montoya, Pena Nicolasa

Montoya, Rayita

Montoya, Santana

Montoya, Terasita : So far, we have not found any history on this potter. If you have any information, please let us know.

Montoya, Tomacita : Tomacita's father Alfredo Montoya was one of the original water color painters at San Ildefonso.

Montoya, Tomas

Naranjo, J. Ernest

Naranjo, Florence : According to the book "Pueblo Indian Pottery" by Gregory Schaaf, Florence was active from 1940. However, the picture on page 210 shows her with her Mother holding a pot and the picture is dated c. 193...

Nokusille-Cata, Al

Pena, Adelita

Pena, Antonio

Pena, Bob

Pena, Cipriana

Pena, Isabel : Isabel was a part of the pottery boom in the early 1900s. Not a lot is known about her. Though Isabel’s grandmother was Cipriana Pena who is also the great grandmother of Maria Martinez, both were ...

Pena, Juanita : Juanita Pena signed in the following ways: "Tony & Juanita, S.I.P.", "Juanita", "Juanita Ignacia Pena", "Juanita P.".

We are working on identifying the difference between Juanita's signature and...

Pena, Olimpia

Pena, Philomena

Pena, Reyes

Pena, Santana

Pena Baca, Gregorita

Pena Herrera, Tonita : Tonita Peña, whose Indian name was Quah Ah, was born in 1893 in the tiny New Mexico pueblo of San Ildefonso on the Rio Grande, just north of Santa Fe. At about the age of 12, her mot...

Pena Martinez, Tonita : Tonita was born in 1847 and died around 1910.

Piatt, Jeanette :
Jeanette was born in 1944 and her Indian name is “Phaa Povi” (Yucca Flower). She mainly likes to made bowls, platters and wedding vases. Here work is decorated by her brother, Dennis Martinez.

Roybal, Alfonso Awa Tsireh : Awa Tsireh, also known as Alfonso Roybal, was one of the first Pueblo painters to receive recognition by the Santa Fe art community. After seeing several examples of Awa Tsireh's work for sale in a so...

Roybal, Josefa : Modern writers (Dillingham, Schaaf) don’t list her as a potter, but based on this elegant little buff on red piece, that’s an injustice. Josephine, or Josepha, was Santana’s older sister, born in ...

Roybal, Juan Cruz

Roybal, Juanita : Juanita and her sister Pilar never took on pottery making. This is important to know, given the three “Juanita” signatures that we are attempting to be identified. The three other Juanitas are Pena, G...

Roybal, Mella Manuelita : Worked with Kathy Sanchez and also made pottery on her own.

Roybal Martinez, Santana : Santana and Adam Martinez both came from famous San Ildefonso pottery families. Adam was the oldest son of Maria and Julian Martinez and learned to make pottery from his parents. Santana Roybal Martin...

Roybal Vigil, Elsie Lupita : Lupita was an excellent potter born into one of the Roybal families that were very artistic. Her siblings included Alfonso “Awa Tsireh” Roybal, Santana Roybal Martinez and Mella Roybal. Her work...

Sanchez, Angelita

Sanchez, Donicio

Sanchez, Kathy : Here is an excerpt form a 1997 Stout Foundation Report:

Kathy Sanchez, an Indigenous American potter from the historic San Ildefonso Pueblo, spent a week on the University of Wisconsin-Stout c...

Sanchez, Laverne

Sanchez, Pomasana : 1903 to 1985

Came from San Juan Pueblo before marring into San Ildefonso.

Sister of Rose Gonzales

Sanchez, Ramos : Abel Sanchez's son. Active Artist from the 40s and currently still painting.

Sanchez, Ronald

Sanchez, Russell : Russell Sanchez of San Ildefonso Pueblo began working in the early 1980’s. Each piece by Russell reflects not only his Pueblo ancestry, but his own perspective of the Pueblo culture and the world arou...

Sanchez, Santiago

Sanchez Aguilar, Pilar : Pilar is seen here in December 2006 holding a picture of her Mother's sister, Jaunita Vigil.

Sanchez Pena, Pascualita : This is Pascualita Pena from San Ildefonso. She passed away in 1945 just before her 36th birthday. She was married to Encarnacion Pena and still has two children living today. (2/14/2016)

Sisneros, Jennifer

Tafoya, Deluvina : Married Agapito Pino.

Mother of potter Antonia Pino

and grandmother of:

Barbara Gonzales


Kathy Sanchez

Tafoya, Donicia

Tafoya, B. Juan : Juan Tafoya(d) was born in 1949 and has been making pottery since 1970. He gathers the clay from the San Ildefonso Reservation and fires his pottery outdoors. Juan has a personal statement about himse...

Tafoya, Legoria : Santa Clara Pueblo.

Signs : Legoria, Legoria Velarda, Legoria/Pasqual, Juanita K'po

Tafoya, Peggy : Santa Clara Pueblo

Here is an obituary:

December 24, 2002
Pasqualita "Peggy" Tafoya
PASQUALITA 'PEGGY' TAFOYA , 81, of Santa Clara Pueblo died Saturday. She was precede...

Tafoya, Severa : Severa Tafoya (1890-1973) is one of the most well known (d.)Santa Clara potters. She is listed in the book "14 families in pueblo pottery by Rick Dillingham" on pages 158-160.

Severa's mother...

Torres, Beatrice

Torres, Elmer

Torres, Elvis : Tsee-Pin Elvis is a sixth generation potter and currently operates the Torres Indian Arts store. He specializes in black-on-black, buff-on-red and polychrome pottery. Elvis’ pottery tradition can b...

Torres, Harold : Harold is shown here holding his great grandmother’s (Isabel Pena) pot. Harold runs the visiting center at San Ildefonso Pueblo and is best known for his painting.

Torres, Isabel

Torres, Partick

Torres, Phelipita : Phelipita helped her Grand Mother Isabel Pena with pottery making at a young age. Her primary function was pottery decoration.

Trujillo, Katy

Trujillo, Roberta : We thank Erik Fender for identifying this pot as Roberta Trujillo, daughter of Katy.

Tse Pe, :

Johnny Tse-Pe Gonzales was born in 1940 to the well-known potter Rose Gonzales. His father Romando Vigil was an excellent painter and was formally married to Juanita Vigil who passed away in 1933...

Tse-Pe, Dora : Dora Tse-Pé is from Zia Pueblo and married into San Ildefonso Pueblo. Dora was born in 1939 and married Tse-Pé, an innovative San Ildefonso potter in his own right. Dora has been exhibiting her work s...

Tse-pe, Jennifer

Unknown, Lorencita : Santa Clara Pueblo

There is a Larencita Gonzales from San Ildefonso who we do not believe this is.

There is more then one Lorencita from Santa Clara Pueb...

Vigil, Albert

Vigil, Alfonso

Vigil, Antonio

Vigil, Charlotte : Doug & Charlotte Vigil were both born in 1954 and have been making pottery since 1977. They gather the clay from the San Ildefonso Reservation and fire all of their pottery outdoors. Doug does the pai...

Vigil, Doug : Doug & Charlotte Vigil were both born in 1954 and have been making pottery since 1977. They gather the clay from the San Ildefonso Reservation and fire all of their pottery outdoors. Doug does the pai...

Vigil, Jessica

Vigil, Cordova Josephine : Signed Josephine Vigil or J.C. Vigil or Albert and Josephine

Josephine Cordova married into the San Ildefonso Pueblo around 1945 when she wed Albert Vigil. She was born at the Taos Puebl...

Vigil, Juanita : When we first started collecting San Ildefonso pottery we were told that there was an ample supply of Juanita Vigil's work. We were glad to here this, knowing she passed away 73 years ago. As we s...

Vigil, Romando : Romando Vigil Tse Ye Mu was born on January 23, 1902 (coincidentally, Feast Day at San Ildefonso Pueblo) and passed away in 1978. He was educated at Santa Fe Indian School, and spent a large part of h...

Vigil, Tom

Vigil, Vanessa : Vanessa was born in 1976 and has been making pottery since 1981. She gathers the clay from the San Ildefonso Reservation and fires all of her pottery outdoors. She was taught by her parents Doug & Cha...

Wo-Peen Gonzales, Louis