Ramoncita Gonzales

San Ildefonso Pueblo Artist

Father: Gonzales, Juan

Mother: Pena, Philomena

Sibling: Gonzales, Rayita

Sibling: Wo-Peen Gonzales, Louis

Sibling: Gonzales, Robert

Maria Martinez Pottery Ramoncita participated in the 1915 Panama-California Exposition with Maria and Julian Martinez. They all were hired to make large pots to server as chimneys for the Pueblo-style building being constructed at the fair according to the book by Marriott.

According to this book, they were having trouble making large pots and Julian help with a few technical ideas that gave them the breakthrough.

The pictures shown are from that fair with Maria standing on the left on the top picture and in the middle on the bottom. If you know any of the others, please let us know! One of them may be Ramoncita.