Isabel Montoya

San Ildefonso Pueblo Artist Life Span: (1898 to ?)

Husband : Atencio, Benjamin

Mother: Montoya, Pena Nicolasa

Father: Montoya, Juan Cruz

Daughter: Sanchez, Angelita

Daughter: Gutierrez, Helen

Son: Atencio, Tony

Son: Atencio, Gilbert

Son: Atencio, Pat

Sibling: Montoya, Santana

Sibling: Montoya, Alfredo

Sibling: Montoya, Rayita

Maria Martinez Pottery Relatively unknown, Isabel Montoya played an important role in the development of San Ildefonso pottery. Isabel was the cousin of Maria Martinez and worked closely with her through the glory years. There are very few of her pots around but she was an excellent potter.

Many of her children and grandchildren have continued in her footsteps. Her children Angelita, Tony, Gilbert, Pat and Helen had excellent pottery and painting work. Both Angelita and Helen have children who were very influential in the current San Ildefonso and Santa Clara pottery community.

Sandra Chaparro is currently one of the few descendents that make the beautiful large plates. Many of Helen's children are excellent potters such as Kathleen Gutierrez and Geraldine Gutierrez Shije.