Maximiliana Anna Martinez

San Ildefonso Pueblo Artist Life Span: (1885 to 1955)

Husband : Martinez, Crescencio

Mother: Pena, Reyes

Father: Montoya, Tomas

Son: Martinez, Alfred

Son: Martinez, Miguel

Son: Martinez, Joe Jose

Sibling: Martinez, Poveka Maria

Sibling: Montoya, Clara

Sibling: Vigil, Juanita

Sibling: Montoya, Desideria

Anna Montoya was the sister of Maria Martinez. Anna would work in concert with her husband, Crescencio Martinez. Writing of this artist's work, Jonathan Batkin of the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe states, "Anna apparently preferred a red rim after most other San Ildefonso potters had begun painting rims black. Her pots are well made. In fact, in many cases they are as well made as Maria's...I consider Ann's and Crescencio's pots to be every bit as important as Maria's and Julian's..."