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Maria Martinez:
According to Richard Spivey, this style of signature may very well have been signed by Clara Montoya.
According to Richard Spivey, this style of signature may very well have been signed by Clara Montoya.
Adam Martinez:
Clara Montoya:
This signature is NOT Clara Montoya but one that is often and easily confused to be. See Clara Martinez for more details.
Maximiliana Martinez:
Desideria Montoya:
Tony Da:
Isabel Montoya:
Angelita Sanchez:
Pauline Martinez:
Romando Vigil:
Albert Vigil:
Josephine Vigil:
Carmelita Dunlap:
Martha Apple Leaf:
Erik Fender:
Carlos Dunlap jr.:
Jeannie Dunlap:
Cynthia Dunlap Watts:
Isabel Pena:
Petronella Martinez:
Elvis Torres:
Lupita Martinez:
Helen Gutierrez:
Kathy Gutierrez-Naranjo:
Carol Gutierrez-Naranjo:
Rose M. Gutierrez:
Philomena Pena:
Vanessa Vigil:
Johnny Cruz:
Barbara Gonzales:
Rose Gonzales:
Santana Roybal Martinez:
Dora Tse-Pe:
Russell Sanchez:
Rose Lovato:
Tse Pe:
Jennifer Sisneros:
John Gonzales:
Jessica Vigil:
Clara Martinez:
This Clara Martinez signature looks quite different than the other signature. However according to Jeanette Martinez they both are from her mother Clara Martinez.
This particular signature has created some interesting discussions. When you first look at it the hope is it is a Clara Montoya signature. However it is actually Clara Martinez the wife of John Martinez and daughter-in-law of Adam and Santana Martinez. We confirmed this through a handful of people at and San Ildefonso Pueblo including Jeanette Martinez Piatt who is the daughter of Clara Martinez herself.
Crucita Calabaza:
Joseph Calabaza:
Adelphia Martinez:
Juanita Pena:
Juanita Gonzales:
Rosalie Aguilar:
Myra Garcia:
Florence Naranjo:
Sometimes the artist even makes a blunder. Here Florence accidentally repeated the "ar" in her last name.
Beverly Martinez:
Jeanette Piatt:
Photo by Dennis Laughlin
Susana Aguilar:
Alfred Aguilar:
Severa Tafoya:
Lorenzo Gonzales:
Fidel Onquan Peen Archuleta:
Juan Tafoya:
Beatrice Torres:
Paceualita unknown:
Josefita Martinez:
Donicia Tafoya:
Legoria Tafoya:
Faustina Gutierrez:
Roberta Trujillo:
Peggy Tafoya:
Lorencita Unknown:
Pomasana Sanchez:
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