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Alfred Aguilar:
Ignacio Aguilar:
Joe Aguilar:
Rosalie Aguilar:
Susana Aguilar:
Vincent Aguilar:
Martha Apple Leaf:
Fidel Onquan Peen Archuleta:
Benjamin Atencio:
Gilbert Atencio:
Pat Atencio:
Tony Atencio:
Angela Baca:
Rose Brown:
Crucita Calabaza:
Joseph Calabaza:
Diane Calabaza-Jenkins:
Clarice I. Cata:
Nicholas Cata:
Raul Chaparro:
Sandra Chaparro:
Johnny Cruz:
Viola Sunset Cruz:
Popovi Da:
Tony Da:
Antonio Domingo Pena:
Carlos Dunlap:
Carmelita Dunlap:
Jeannie Dunlap:
Linda Dunlap:
Carlos Dunlap jr.:
Cynthia Dunlap Watts:
Erik Fender:
Myra Garcia:
Barbara Gonzales:
Cavan Gonzales:
John Gonzales:
Juan Gonzales:
Juanita Gonzales:
(Courtesy Joe Keuter)
Larencita Gonzales:
Lorenzo Gonzales:
Ramona Gonzales:
Ramoncita Gonzales:
Rayita Gonzales:
Robert Gonzales:
Rose Gonzales:
Ann F. Gutierrez:
Faustina Gutierrez:
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Frank A. Gutierrez:
Frankie V. Gutierrez:
George M. Gutierrez:
Geraldine I. Gutierrez:
Helen Gutierrez:
James Gutierrez:
Margaret Lou Gutierrez:
Rose M. Gutierrez:
Carol Gutierrez-Naranjo:
Kathy Gutierrez-Naranjo:
Kreig Kalabaza:
Rose Lovato:
Vitalia Maestas:
Adam Martinez:
Adelaido Martinez:
Adelphia Martinez:
Alfred Martinez:
Anita Martinez:
Anselmo Martinez:
Beverly Martinez:
Candace Martinez:
Clara Martinez:
Cornelia Martinez:
Cresencio Martinez:
Darryl Martinez:
Dominguita Martinez:
Elias Martinez:
Francis Martinez:
George Martinez:
John Martinez:
Jose Martinez:
Josefita Martinez:
Julian Martinez:
Lucy Martinez:
Luis Martinez:
Lupita Martinez:
Maria Martinez:
Marvin Martinez:
Maximiliana Martinez:
Miguel Martinez:
Pasqual Martinez:
Pauline Martinez:
Pauline Tafoya Martinez:
Petronella Martinez:
This piece has a similar look to a few of her mothers pots.
Terasita Martinez:
Timothy Martinez:
Tonita Martinez Roybal:
Gloria Maxey:
Terasita Monto:
Alfredo Montoya:
Anita Montoya:
Clara Montoya:
The signature on this pot is not shown.

Another potential canidate for a Clara Montoya pot. We are hoping to see the signature on this one in early 2007.

Desideria Montoya:
Isabel Montoya:
This is an early bowl by Isabel Atencio Montoya and it is signed "Belle" on the bottom in the clay. This bowl has a classic form with a wide feather pattern, which is often seen in early San Ildefonso pottery, but was a design later replaced by the narrow feathers.
Juan Cruz Montoya:
Nicolasa Montoya:
Rayita Montoya:
Santana Montoya:
Tomacita Montoya:
Tomas Montoya:
Ernest Naranjo:
Florence Naranjo:
6 ½ inches high, 5 ½ inches wide at widest point. 3 ¼ inch diameter mouth, 3 inch diameter base.
Al Nokusille-Cata:
Adelita Pena:
Antonio Pena:
Bob Pena:
Cipriana Pena:
Isabel Pena:
Photo from Carol Dunhill
Juanita Pena:
Olimpia Pena:
Philomena Pena:
Reyes Pena:
Santana Pena:
Gregorita Pena Baca:
Tonita Pena Herrera:
Tonita Pena Martinez:
Jeanette Piatt:
Photo by Dennis Laughlin
Alfonso Awa Tsireh Roybal:
Josephine Roybal:
This pot (from Al Hayes) has no signature. Instead, it has a collection sticker reading “San Ildefonso No. 458 Josepha Roybal
Juan Cruz Roybal:
Juanita Roybal:
Manuelita Roybal:
Santana Roybal Martinez:
Angelita Sanchez:
Donicio Sanchez:
Kathy Sanchez:
Laverne Sanchez:
Pomasana Sanchez:
Ramos Sanchez:
Ronald Sanchez:
Russell Sanchez:
Santiago Sanchez:
Pilar Sanchez Aguilar:
Jennifer Sisneros:
Donicia Tafoya:
Juan Tafoya:
Legoria Tafoya:
Peggy Tafoya:
Severa Tafoya:
Beatrice Torres:
Elmer Torres:
Elvis Torres:
Harold Torres:
Isabel Torres:
Partick Torres:
Phelipita Torres:
Katy Trujillo:
Roberta Trujillo:
4" wide by 2" tall
Tse Pe:
Dora Tse-Pe:
Jennifer Tse-pe:
Lorencita Unknown:
Paceualita unknown:
Albert Vigil:
Alfonso Vigil:
Antonio Vigil:
Charlotte Vigil:
Doug Vigil:
Jessica Vigil:
Josephine Vigil:
Juanita Vigil:
One of the few Juanita Vigil pieces we have found. The signature is very distinctive and unique from Juanita Pena and Juanita Gonzales.
We found this Juanita Vigil in a museum in Florida. Again the signature is very unique from Juanita Pena and Juanita Gonzales.
Romando Vigil:
Tom Vigil:
Vanessa Vigil:
Louis Wo-Peen Gonzales:
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